How to order our parts?

You must buy our products through an authorized dealer. To find an AUTHORIZED Dealer near you... Call us at (559) 226-8196

Listed Below are a few of our Authorized Dealers & their locations (Click their link to go to their website):

 1-800-230-3030 (Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Ohio)

 1-800-928-1984 (Arizona)

 1-602-258-0088 (Arizona)

 1-559-486-5444 (California)

 1-281-548-2677 (Texas)

 1-800-541-8525 (Kansas)

 1-501-888-2500 (Arkansas)

How to become a Dealer?  Call us at (559) 226-8196 for information about becoming an official McGaughy's Authorized Dealer.