• 10" Lift Kit for 2019+ Dodge Ram 2500, 4-Link Kit (4WD, Coil Rear) Part #54422


    Description: 10" Lift Kit (4-Link Kit) (RAW)

    Part Number: 54422

    Desired Lift: 10"

    Application: 4WD Coil Spring Rear

    Vehicle(s): 2019+ Dodge Ram 2500, Fits Diesel Only


    Over-sized tires and heavier wheels can cause premature wear on factory and aftermarket components like ball joints, bushings, tie-rod ends, wheel bearings, idlers arms, drive-lines, etc…  You may need to replace / install new components sooner than factory recommendations based on the wheels and tires you choose. Please note that the heavier and wider wheels and tires combined with aggressive driving (off-road and on highways) will cause more wear on ALL moving parts, factory and aftermarket. Especially when vehicle is in 4wd or Auto-4wd / AWD modes.