• 10" Premium Lift Kit (Radius Arm, RAW) for 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 3500 (4WD) Part #54355


    Description: 10" Premium Lift Kit, Radius Arm (RAW)

    Part Number: 54355

    Desired Lift: 10"

    Application: 4WD 

    Vehicle(s): 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 3500

    Kit Includes: 6” Drop Radius Arms, 4" Drop Radius Arm Brackets, 10" Front Lift Coils, Front & Rear Extended Sway Bar End Links, 10" or 12" Adjustable Front Track Bar Bracket, Drop Pitman Arm (DC602), Front Bump Stops, Front Brake Line Bracket, Front Drive Line Spacer, Transfer Case Reclocking Ring, Transmission Crossmember, 6" Rear Lift Blocks & U-Bolts, 0.25" Rear Leaf Spring Shims (8), Rear Brake Line Bracket Relocator, Rear Drive Line Spacer

    ***** KIT #54355 does not include shocks! Shock options below. *****

    #1232 - FRONT Shock

    - 2014-up Ram 2500/3500 10-12" - Includes Fox IFP #985-24-023 (28.9") & (2.5") mounting bracket.


    #1235 - REAR Shock

    - 2013-up Ram 3500 6-10" - Includes Fox IFP #985-24-024 (31.75")

    Over-sized tires and heavier wheels can cause premature wear on factory and aftermarket components like ball joints, bushings, tie-rod ends, wheel bearings, idlers arms, drive-lines, etc…  You may need to replace / install new components sooner than factory recommendations based on the wheels and tires you choose. Please note that the heavier and wider wheels and tires combined with aggressive driving (off-road and on highways) will cause more wear on ALL moving parts, factory and aftermarket. Especially when vehicle is in 4wd or Auto-4wd / AWD modes.