• 7" Premium Black Stainless Steel Lift Kit for 2020+ GM Truck 3500 (2WD/4WD, GAS & DIESEL) Part #52459


    Description: 7" Premium SS Lift Kit (Black Powder Coat w/ Polished Stainless Steel Inserts)

    Part Number: 52459

    Desired Lift: 7"

    Application: 2WD / 4WD

    Vehicle(s): 2020+ GM 3500, GAS & DIESEL

    Kit Includes: (2) Spindles, (2) Lift Blocks w/ U-bolts & Hardware, (1) Front Crossmember, (1) Rear Crossmember, (1) Skid Plate, (2) Sway Bar End Links, (2) Compression Struts, (2) Lower A-frame Support Rods, (2) Torsion Bar Drops, (1) Differential Drop, (1) CV Axle Spacer, (1) Weld-in Filler Plate, (4) Front & Rear Bump Stops, (1) Brake Cable Extender, (1) Rear Brake Bracket Extender, (2) Rear Compression Strut Retainer Brackets, (2) Front Brake Line Bracket Extenders, (2) Upper Shock Mounts w/ Hardware, (2) Front Shocks & (2) Rear Shocks

    *Optional Add-Ons: 

    Upper Control Arms #52414 (sold separately)

    Traction Bars #52420 (sold separately)

    Torsion Keys #52410 (sold separately)

    Rear Lift Shims #52361 (sold separately)

    Upgraded Front Reservoir Shocks #1102 (sold separately)

    Upgraded Rear Reservoir Shocks #1103 (sold separately)

    **This kit can be adjusted to 8" or 9". You will need Torsion Keys #52410 (sold separately), to raise up the front. You will also need the Rear Shim Kit #52361 (sold separately), to raise the rear up.**

    ***If running this kit at the 9" position, we highly recommend using Upper Control Arms #52414 (sold separately) to help with bump stop clearance issues***

    Over-sized tires and heavier wheels can cause premature wear on factory and aftermarket components like ball joints, bushings, tie-rod ends, wheel bearings, idlers arms, drive-lines, etc…  You may need to replace / install new components sooner than factory recommendations based on the wheels and tires you choose. Please note that the heavier and wider wheels and tires combined with aggressive driving (off-road and on highways) will cause more wear on ALL moving parts, factory and aftermarket. Especially when vehicle is in 4wd or Auto-4wd / AWD modes.