2"/3" Lowering Kit, 2001-2006 GM Avalanche Only (2wd/4wd, LD Shocks) Part #11018


Description: Deluxe Lowering Kit

Part Number: 11018

Desired Front Drop: 2"

Desired Rear Drop: 3"

Application: 2WD/4WD

Vehicle(s): 2001-2006 GM SUV Avalanche

Kit Includes: (2) Front Spindles, (2) Rear Coil Springs, & (2) Rear Shock Extenders 

Notes: (LD Shocks - No Bilstein) Our coils are meant to be used with the factory light duty (2" Diameter) shock or our #2050. Must use 17" or larger wheels in order to use the spindles. Can't use Bilstein factory shocks - the shocks are too long and the coils will fall out. Our shocks Part #2050 must be used with a light duty coil (without the shock extenders) or a heavy duty factory shock must be used with our shock extenders Part #33070.