2"/4" Economy Kit for 1999-2006 GM Truck 1500 (2WD, Coil-Front) Part #93046


Description: Economy Lowering Kit

Part Number: 93046

Desired Front Drop: 2"

Desired Rear Drop: 4"

Application: 2WD Coil Front

Vehicle(s): 1999-2006 GM Truck 1500

Kit Includes: (2) Coil Springs, (2) Rear Hangers w/ Bolt Kit, (1) Flip Kit: (2) Flip Plates, (2) Flip Pads, (4) U-bolts w/ Bolt Kit, (2) Bump Stops

Front Shocks: 1451

Rear Shocks: 2050

Notes: Kit include ball joint spacers without any flipping so that 16" or larger rims can be used. You can only use these spindles on coils spring front end, 2WD, ½TON CHEVY or GM Trucks. The coil springs were engineered for a truck with a V-8 Engine. If coils are installed on a 6-CYL. Truck then the full drop will not be achieved and the rear will sit lower than the front.