Rear Leaf Lift Shims for 2011-2022 GM Truck 2500/3500 (2WD/4WD) Part #52361


Description: Rear Leaf Lift Shims (up to 1" lift)

Part Number: 52361

Desired Lift: Used with 7" Lift Kit to get rear of truck up to 8" or  with 10" Lift Kit to get rear of truck up to 11"

Application: 2WD/4WD

Vehicle(s): 2011-2022 GM Truck 2500/3500

Kit Includes: (8) Rear Leaf Lift Shims & (2) Rear Center Pins

****** PLEASE NOTE:   When installing shims on lift kit and installing rear traction bars... You may have to get longer U-bolts than what comes with the kit. This problem is most common on 3500 trucks with rear traction bars and all shims installed. *****