A few words about us

  • Leaders of the lowering suspension market for over 32 years (since 1984)!
  • We own and occupy over 50,000 sq. ft. of space for manufacturing, shipping, and storage. 
  • Our engineering capabilities are endless and we continue to release high quality parts that the public demands.
  • We are always challenging ourselves with producing suspension parts that haven’t been done before in the world and doing it right the first time.
  • We ride on our reputation for our parts being a bolt-on installation and making sure the entire lowering kit works hand-in-hand with the necessary factory components. 
  • Our kits are made so the average guy in his garage can do the installation without any major modifications.
  • Our “Classic Drop” spindles are made in the USA with the highest quality components. Our machining is done in-house on one of our state-of-the-art CNC machines. All of our spindles spuds are made from 4140 chromoly and machined in our CNC turning centers. Since we do our own engineering, prototyping, and machining, we are able to have suspension kits for vehicles as soon as they hit the dealerships!
  • We are actually a manufacturer and don’t just claim to be one!

Why you should choose McGaughy's

  • Before we released our spindles for the 1999-2006 GM Trucks, 2001-2006 SUV’s, and the 2007+ spindle, we patented our design to ensure that our product would remain the best on the market. 
  • At the 2003 SEMA show, GM presented us with “The Most Innovative Product of the Year” Award for our drop spindle. 
  • We patented the upper bearing stud so that our spindle’s upper ball joint height would keep the same dimensions as the stock GM spindle (This ensures the correct ball joint angles are maintained). In order for our competitors to avoid our patent, they had to raise the upper ball joint boss 1.5" which creates horrendous bump steer, severe ball joint angles, and premature ball joint wear. 
  • In some cases, our competitor’s spindles require that the upper A-Frame be flipped upside down, which is the complete opposite of how GM intended the front suspension parts to be installed and function.

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