3″-4″/3″-5″ Lowering Kit, 2002-2010 GM 2500/3500 Trucks, 2wd (#33081)



Kit Includes: (2) Drop Spindles, (2) Drop Torsion Keys, (2) Drop Hangers, (2) Drop Shackles, & Hardware

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Adjustable 3″-4″ / 3″-5″ lowering kit

-Front is adjustable from 3″ drop to 4″ drop, rear portion of kit is adjustable from 3″ drop up to 5″ drop

-Must use 17″ or larger wheels

-Must have factory 8-hole hangers


2002-2010 GM 2500 / 3500 Trucks

2wd Models

Not recommended for use on 4wd models

Instructions & Info

-Must use 17″ or larger wheels. Factory 17″ wheels will work with some modifications. Aftermarket CAST wheels will most likely NOT work.

-Must remove factory overload spring (if vehicle is equipped with) for kit to work

-Must have factory 8-hole hangers


Replacement / Individual Parts

Drop Spindles:  McGaughy’s #33078

Drop Torsion Keys:  McGaughy’s #33088

Drop Hangers:  McGaughy’s #33086

Drop Shackles:  McGaughy’s #33089

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