3″/5″, 4″/6″, 5″/7″ Lowering Kit, 2007-2013 GM 1500 Trucks, 2wd (#34070)



Kit Includes: (2) Drop Spindles, (2) Adjustable Front Struts, (2) Flip Kit Axle Saddles, (2) Flip Kit U-Bolt Plates, (2) Flip Kit Leaf/U-Bolt Retainer Plates, (2) Rear Lift Hangers, (2) Bump Stops, (2) Rear Shocks, (2) Rear Shock Extenders, & Hardware

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Adjustable Lowering kit

Can be set at 3/5 drop, 4/6 drop, or 5/7 drop

Must use 17″ or larger wheels


2007-2013 GM 1500 Trucks

2wd Models Only

Fits All Cabs

Must use 17″ or larger wheels

Optional Add-Ons

Rear C-Notch:  McGaughy’s #34045

Instructions & Info

Kit does NOT come with u-bolts. Kit uses the factory u-bolts.

Must use factory front coils and strut components (see instructions)

Must use 17″ or larger wheels

Replacement / Individual Parts

Drop Spindles:  McGaughy’s #34050

Adjustable Front Strut:  McGaughy’s #3180

Rear Flip Kit:  McGaughy’s #34047

Rear Lift Hanger:  McGaughy’s #93049

Rear Shock:  McGaughy’s #3205

Rear Shock Extenders:  McGaughy’s #34044

Bump Stops:  McGaughy’s #33039

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