*4″ Lift Kit, 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 3500, 4wd (#54345)



Kit Includes: (2) Radius Arms w/ Hardware, (2) Coil Springs, (2) Front & Rear Bump Stop Extender Brackets, (2) Sway Bar End Links, (1) Track Bar Relocator Bracket, (2) Lift Blocks w/ U-Bolts & Hardware, (1) Panhard Extender Bracket, (1) Pitman Arm, (2) Brake Line Brackets, & (2) Front Shocks

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4″ Premium Lift Kit

Lift kit comes powder coated silver


2013-18 Dodge Ram 3500

4wd Models Only

Gas & Diesel Models

Optional Add-Ons

Rear Traction Bar Kit:  #54318 (not included with kit)

Dual Steering Stabilizer Bracket:  #54328 (not included with kit)

Shock for Dual Steering Stabilizer:  #1222 (not included with kit)

Billet Face Plates for Radius Arms:  #51201 (Black) / #51203 (Raw) (not included with kit)

Billet Face Plates for Traction Bars:  #51321 (Black) / #51323 (Raw) (not included with kit)

Rear Air Bag Spacers for Factory Air Bag System:  #54360 (not included with kit)

Tire Chart

Instructions & Info

Over-sized tires and heavier wheels can cause premature wear on factory and aftermarket components like ball joints, bushings, tie-rod ends, wheel bearings, idlers arms, drive-lines, etc…  You may need to replace / install new components sooner than factory recommendations based on the wheels and tires you choose. Please note that the heavier and wider wheels and tires combined with aggressive driving (off-road and on highways) will cause more wear on ALL moving parts, factory and aftermarket. Especially when vehicle is in 4wd or Auto-4wd / AWD modes. 

Replacement Parts

Front Shock:  McGaughy’s #2655

Radius Arm Bushing:  Ford Genuine Part #5C3Z-3B203-AA

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