Rear Air Bag Spacers, 4″, 2013-2023 Dodge Ram 3500 (#54360)



Kit Includes: (2) Rear Air Bag Spacers & Hardware

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Rear air bag spacers for factory rear air suspension

Comes powder coated black

For use with McGaughy’s 4″ Lift Kits (#54345 & #54407)


2013-2023 Dodge Ram 3500 Trucks w/ factory rear air bag system

4wd Models

For use with McGaughy’s 4″ Lift Kits

Instructions & Info

This bracket is designed to go between the factory air bag and the factory mount on the axle for the automatic level rear air suspension. The spacer comes with four 3/8” x 1-1/4” bolts with locking nuts to bolt the new spacer to the original air bag mount on the axle. Factory air spring hardware will be used to attach the original air spring to the new air bag spacer. Refer to the manufacturer’s installation instructions for installing the factory air bag to the newly installed air bag spacer. Make sure all your lines are clear of any moving parts that could cause any rubbing or failure. Make sure nothing is rubbing against any of the air lines or the factory air bags.

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